The Fascination of Flying

What’s in the PPL? Where can I get my Private Pilot’s License?

Spins & More is a flight school with a flight safety background. Since 2009, we have been fundamentally involved in Aerobatics, as well as Upset Prevention & Recovery Training. Our training provides a solid foundation for the Private Pilot License, (PPL). Spins & More places great importance on classic training tailored to each student. We provide professional training from the very beginning and work with our “Student Pilots” to create a schedule which allows each student to learn at their own pace.

Students will fly a four-seat DA 40, Diamond Star, with modern technology.
PPL-Shortlist (Pdf)

High End PPL

Comfort and technology combined – PPL training for individualists with high standards

At Spins & More you will learn the basics for flying on a modern DA 40, Diamond Star. The four-seater has a new Thielert Centurion CD 155 engine with 155 hp starting power. Thus, the aircraft creates 140 kts cruising speed.

Further details on the DA 40