Turboprop for professionals

PC 12 SET Rating with Spins & More

PC 12 SET Rating is anything but ordinary

Spins & More is a flight school with a safety focus. Since 2009 we are fundamentally engaged in Upset Prevention & Recovery Training as well as Aerobatics. Next step? You might start the PC12 SET Rating. The world’s best-selling turboprop comes from Switzerland and can be used for cargo and passenger flights – it is equally at home at large airports as it is on short grass runways. If you are interested, please email info@spinsandmore.at.

High End Rating
PC 12 SET from Salzburg or EDME

At Spins & More you always fly with professionals. The PC 12 SET rating includes 49 h theory (classroom, online training and self study). In addition 10 h flight training. Prerequisite is 200 h total time and minimum 70 h as PIC IR. Price list on request (Email please to info@spinsandmore.at)