SET – Single Engine Turbine

Familiarization or difference training – what do you need for Cessna SET?

Spins & More cooperates with Skydive Exit GmbH from Eggenfelden/Germany for the Cessna SET rating.

For Cessna Single Engine Turbine there is also only one license entry in the EASA “CessnaSET (land)”. This can be flown on all types such as Cessna Soloy 206, Cessna Soloy 207, Cessna 210 Silver Eagle and Cessna 208 Caravan. For the Cessna Soloy 207 and Cessna 210 Silver Eagle, only a familiarization is necessary, in the case of the Cessna 208 Caravan you will need a difference training.


  • valid PPL (A) license


  • at least 8 hours theoretical lessons
  • for the practice should be planned 3 – 4 days
  • Since this is a modular training, the practical training can be planned individually, but must be completed within 6 months

Cost of SET training

Cessna SET / VFR hours price total price
theory lessons 8 h 400.00 €
VFR on C206T, incl. Flight instructor 6 hours (block time) 750,00 € 4.500,00 €
ATO administrative fee 500.00 €
Total net     5400.00 €
plus VAT      

Skill test

After completion of the training, it is also possible to do the skill test.
We are happy to assist in the selection of an Examiner.

Cessna SET / VFR Hours Price Total price
Charter C206T per 1 h (block time) 600,00 € 600,00 €
plus VAT      

Please take into account the following additional costs:

  • Landing and approach fees
  • Fees and costs CRE


  • All year round and flexible in Eggenfelden and Salzburg

For further information on training and appointments, please contact by mail Monika Noll or  call 0049 8721-120129. Spins & More is more than happy to provide you with detailed information on SET training as well, telephone 0043 664 1900 186, Iris Melcher.