From Looping to Hammerhead

What is important in aerobatics

Aerobatics training at Spins & More includes 12 lessons of serious flying. For more information on UPRT & Acro Training, please click on the link below.

Upset Prevention Training

Requirements for Aerobatics Rating: Before taking the Checkride for your aerobatics rating it is necessary to have accomplished 40 hrs as PIC (after PPL).

Aerobatics Rating checked – Whats next?

After completing your check-out for solo flights on the Super Decathlon (we offer a special  landing training for this), you may charter the OE-AIM for aerobatics.

Prerequisites: Existing acro rating and being current on the type of aircraft to be flown.

  • Acro-Coaching: With Spins & More you can train for competitions. We offer coaching by internationally experienced aerobatic judges. Aerobatics means flying in a box. In the competition, all aerobatic figures must be flown in a 1ooo x 1ooo x 1ooo meters space.
  • Acro-Camps: Spins & More organizes aerobatic training camps every month. The camps are conducted at the following locations: Hosin / LKHS and Pilsen Line / LKLN in the Czech Republic. In addition there are camps in Salzburg/ LOWS, St. Georgen/ LOLG in Austria and other destinations upon request. (we can also fly to your place upon request – ask for details!).
  • Advanced Acro Training: Switch to the Extra 330 LX. Advanced Acro Training with Coach.
  • Costs: Extra 330 LX training, 1000, – € / hour – Note: Solo charter of the Extra 330 LX is only possible when you become a member of the Extra Club.
  • Costs: Super Decathlon training: 375, – € / hour. (without FI)