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We turn you upside down.

Spins & More Flight School – UPRT is our core competence!

What is UPRT? Upset Prevention & Recovery Training, and what does it mean? Quite simply, UPRT training is specialty training conducted in aerobatic aircraft meant to prepare pilots for “loss of control in flight”.

With the publication of the regulation from 20.12.2018 the EU Commission is  stressing the importance of Upset Prevention Recovery Training. Starting in Dec 2019, UPRT in a “suitable aircraft” will be mandatory for all commercial pilots. UPRT-Training has been offered by Spins & More for more than 10 years. UPRT tries to expand the flying skills, so that pilots can better avoid or end unwanted flight conditions (Upset). The UPRT training by Spins & More is based on the EMT method (Emergency Maneuver Training) by Rich Stowell (USA). We normaly fly on our fully aerobatic Super Decathlon, but a switch to the our Extra 330 LX is possible.

When you find yourself in the following situations, the plane unexpectedly starts to spin, wake turbulences, or when you find yourself in a oberbanked situation or even inverted flight; there is no time for the textbook! You need to execute recovery procedures quickly. This is exactly what we practice with our students in our UPRT training.
The complete UPRT / Aerobatics training at Spins & More covers 12 flights (total of 10 training hours/blocktime). The contents:  Stall & Spin Awareness, Unusal Attitudes & Control Failures and small aerobatic programs. Lesson 13 is the check flight. You will also receive your Aerobatics Rating when you complete the complete UPRT training.

Other training available with Spins & More: Of course, we also offer PPL (A) training (private pilot license), Night Ratings and IFR (Classic Version, Competency Based IFR, Enroute IFR). There are also special ratings: Single Engine Turbine (Class Rating Cessna SET), High Performance Airplane (HPA) or CPL (A) and MEP (Multi Enginge Piston) or Instructor Refresher Seminars (FI / IRI).

Our Aircraft for training and charter include a DA40 Diamond Star, a Super Decathlon Aerobatic Aircraft as well as the Extra 330 LX for advanced aerobatics and a Cessna Soloy and PC-12 as High Performance Aircraft.

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Acro Camp with Coach

Get some detailed feedback for your aerobatics flights! We offer you a special training camp with aerobatics coach Steff Hau (CIVA judge) at Hosin, CZ. There you will receive individually designed programs and feedback for each aerobatic flight. Let’s hope for some good gradings, 10 points would be the optimum;) Great for those who would like to sign in for some aerobatic competition this year!

Aerobatics Rating checked

He likes to fly and he did the Aerobatics Rating with a lot of enthusiasm. So after 12 lessons including the Checkride Matthias can call himself an “aerobatics pilot” now. Congratulations and always happy landings! Of course, Matthias has plans for further aerobatic training and is ready for some Chinese loops or inverted spins.

Emergency Rules – the core

There are many pieces of information in every POH about emergency rules. But what if it happens in real life? Are you tough enough to keep calm and do the right thing? We offer a WEBINAR on “EMERGENCY PROCEDURES” so you may take the core principles home. When? April 18, 1800 (LT) – In case you are interested, send us an email and we

First “WOW”, then “FUN”

“When you first experience an Upset Situation, you are quite shocked”, stated Daniel after his Advanced UPRT Training. “But the second lesson is easier, cause you are able to react accordingly”, said the pilot from Austria. “The aircraft flew rarely level”, he added after the final flight, “and I think your FI Stefan has an attitude problem;)”. Daniel now is a great fan of our Super Decathlon as

We are ready when you are

Despite the heavy winter & stormy days, we are looking for sunny slots to do some aerobatics & UPRT Training. In February please contact us for individual training via Email (info@spinsandmore.at). In March we will start our aerobatics training at LKHS Airfield (CZ) again. Fun place to be, you must check it out. Great for pilots and there is always proper food after the tough training sessions!

Let’s get started – 2022

What are your goals as a pilot in 2022? Why don’t start the season with some Spin-Training? We offer basic UPRT – Upset Prevention & Recovery Training as well as a complete aerobatics rating. Check our our calendar on the homepage. Training Camps start in March – this year we will focus on training for aerobatics competition as well – training with international judges/coaches for aerobatics are set

Let’s get inverted

Recreational flights: Joyrides & Thrillrides!

More …


Norbert Hundsberger

Head of Training

  • Flies since 1991
  • flown types: in addition to the well-known single-engine types, Great Lakes, Extra 200, Zlin 142, Piper Cheyenne, up to the various Citation Series 5 patterns.
  • Teacher since: 2002
  • Teaching Permissions: SEP/TMG, MEP, C525, IR , CPL, NVR, PC12 SET, Cessna SET, P 46 SET, Aerobatics, Advanced UPRT
  • Examiner: FE, CRE, IRE, PC 12, Cessna SET, P 46 SET, Aerobatics, TRE C525

“It motivates me to be able to open up new perspectives for the participating pilots through Upset Prevention Recovery Training.”

Alex Spörl

Flight Instructor

  • Flight Instructor
  • Flying since 1990
  • Types of Aircraft: I have a lot of experience with many Single Engine Pistons and taildraggers. Here is a small list of the aircraft. Tiger Moth & Bücker, Christen Eagle & SuperDecathlon, Extra 300L & 330 LX, MEPs (C310 & C421), Helicopter (Schweizer 300, R44, MD500), various Military Jets, Falcon 900EZy, and the Pilatus PC12
  • Instructor: since 2000
  • Teaches: IR, CPL, PPL, SE SP, night, aerobatic and PC12
  • Pilot Examiner: PC 12 SET, SEP (land)

“Never regret something that made you smile !!!”

Philipp Kreuzer

Flight Instructor

  • Flies since 2011
  • Flown types: American Champion Super Decathlon;  Beechcraft Bonanza; Bölkow Monsun; Cessna 172, 172RG, 182, 206, 310; Extra 300; Piper PA28, PA44, Technam P06T

„As soon as we fly inverted, just enjoy.“

Stefan Greiler

Flight Instructor

  • Flies since: 1998
  • Flown types: Beechcraft Bonanza, T-37, T-6, T-38A / C, F-4F, F-16, C-152, C-172, PA-28, Tecnam, Katana, Cheetah, Beechcraft Baron 58, Super Decathlon, Extra 330, PC-12, PA46-T
  • Teacher (since 2006): FI (A) PPL, SEP, night rating, instrument rating

 “Attitude is everything!”

Iris Melcher

Accountable Manager & Media Relations

  • Flies since 2012
  • flown types: DA 40, Super Decathlons

“Set Take Off Power” – nothing compares to this!

Spins & More Calendar !! Please note: Changes of training areas – contact us for details!

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