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Joyful learning


Philipp liked the flights with our Extra 330 LX very much: "The Extra did not react as mean as I thought it would. Actually it was a good-natured aircraft for Advanced UPRT", Philipp told us

Joyful learning2020-05-26T16:21:55+01:00

Feeling Extra good


Krissi did a good job. She finished the Advanced UPRT Training FCl. 745A with Spins & More and enjoyed the possibility, to fly the Extra 330 LX. After 5 hrs of online theory, all UPRT

Feeling Extra good2020-05-26T16:24:52+01:00

Advanced UPRT is checked


Wolfram Schmiderer from Salzburg finished the Adv. UPRT Training with Spins & More. "I like the Extra, but it will take a while until my body will do the same", told us Wolfram after 4

Advanced UPRT is checked2020-05-26T16:25:50+01:00

We are ready for you


Advanced UPRT (FCL.745 A) starts again. We offer online training for theory and flight training on Extra 330 LX or Super Dec at EDME and EDMV. Further locations in Austria planned. If you are interested

We are ready for you2020-05-19T10:27:44+01:00

Hello from the Big Bird


They are at home in aerobatic aircraft as well as in a big Boeing: Capt'n Johanna Maislinger and Michael Schachl-Lughofer sent greetings to Spinsandmore from Los Angeles. Both pilots did their aerobatics rating with Spinsandmore.

Hello from the Big Bird2020-04-13T15:02:49+01:00

YES: Cessna SET Rating


Congrats from Moni Noll, CRI with Spins & More, and CRE Wolfgang Obermair for Grgo Miocic (left) after he finished his Cessna SET Rating sucessfully. Training and Checkride were flown on a Cessna Soloy -

YES: Cessna SET Rating2020-04-13T15:14:30+01:00

Advanced UPRT – well done


The second group of pilots finished the Advanced UPRT Training with Spins & More. Due to heavy crosswinds at LKHS (Hosin Airfield) we went to LKCS (Budweis Airport) for training with Super Decathlon and Extra

Advanced UPRT – well done2020-03-04T09:56:58+01:00

Kickoff for Advanced UPRT


5 pilots finished the Advanced UPRT (FCL. 745.A) training with Spins & More. Spins & More uses aerobatic aircraft only for the Advanced UPRT Courses. Congratulation to Blaz, Peter, Michal, Matthäus and Renzo (from right)

Kickoff for Advanced UPRT2020-02-23T19:06:23+01:00

Congrats after Cessna SET Rating


Michael Ender just finished his Cessna SET Rating with Exit GmbH & Spins & More ATO successfully. Head of Training, Norbert Hundsberger (l.) and Monika Noll (CRI with Spins & More) congratulated Michael after the check

Congrats after Cessna SET Rating2020-02-16T19:05:36+01:00

Do you need advanced UPRT NOW?


In case you are up to ATPL (A) oder CPL training as well as training courses for a class or type rating for single-pilot aeroplanes operated in multi pilot operations, single-pilot non-high-performance complex aeroplanes, single-pilot

Do you need advanced UPRT NOW?2020-01-31T11:12:30+01:00