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Congrats to UPRT Scholarship Winners


40 applicants and 3 winners: Julius Hoffelner (D), Dominik Feischl (AUT) and Alexander Hubmer (AUT) convinced the Jury (Monika Noll, Skydive Exit GmbH; Dario Costa, Flying Bulls and Iris Melcher, Spins & More). Thanks to

Congrats to UPRT Scholarship Winners2020-03-10T11:42:21+01:00

Advanced UPRT – well done


The second group of pilots finished the Advanced UPRT Training with Spins & More. Due to heavy crosswinds at LKHS (Hosin Airfield) we went to LKCS (Budweis Airport) for training with Super Decathlon and Extra

Advanced UPRT – well done2020-03-04T09:56:58+01:00

Kickoff for Advanced UPRT


5 pilots finished the Advanced UPRT (FCL. 745.A) training with Spins & More. Spins & More uses aerobatic aircraft only for the Advanced UPRT Courses. Congratulation to Blaz, Peter, Michal, Matthäus and Renzo (from right)

Kickoff for Advanced UPRT2020-02-23T19:06:23+01:00

Congrats after Cessna SET Rating


Michael Ender just finished his Cessna SET Rating with Exit GmbH & Spins & More ATO successfully. Head of Training, Norbert Hundsberger (l.) and Monika Noll (CRI with Spins & More) congratulated Michael after the check

Congrats after Cessna SET Rating2020-02-16T19:05:36+01:00

Do you need advanced UPRT NOW?


In case you are up to ATPL (A) oder CPL training as well as training courses for a class or type rating for single-pilot aeroplanes operated in multi pilot operations, single-pilot non-high-performance complex aeroplanes, single-pilot

Do you need advanced UPRT NOW?2020-01-31T11:12:30+01:00

UPRT advanced – what’s in it?


Spins & More does Upset Recovery Training since 2009 - at first we called it Emergency Maneuver Training (thanks to Rich Stowell we were able to bring this excellent knowledge to Europe). But suddenly since

UPRT advanced – what’s in it?2020-01-11T19:01:23+01:00

Turn your world upside down


Give it a try - do some aerobatic flying with our professional pilots. We offer Funrides in the Super Decathlon and Thrillrides in our Extra 330 LX. Vouchers available via Email to info@spinsandmore.at (online version

Turn your world upside down2019-12-13T10:40:17+01:00

Second Scholarship completed


Salzburg Pilot Manfred Pfandl just completed the 2nd Upset Prevention Recovery Training Scholarship which we offered this year. Manfred liked the UPRT- sessions very much. His comment on training in the Super Decathlon: "That's what

Second Scholarship completed2019-09-16T09:55:48+01:00

UPRT Scholarship completed


From all our scholarship-students in 2019 Sophie finished her 4 UPRT-Flights first. She liked Upset Prevention Recovery Flights so well that she decided to continue the program. Now Sophie trains for her Acro Rating with

UPRT Scholarship completed2019-09-02T10:37:25+01:00

“BAN” gets his CPL


It started as a hobby, and now see what Norbert Baueregger made out of his fun for flying! He just passed the CPL. Respect and always happy landings, dear BAN!

“BAN” gets his CPL2019-07-23T15:58:52+01:00