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From Scholarship to Aerobatics


Florian (left) is one of three pilots who earned himself a scholarship with Spins & More. He liked the training so much, that he upgraded to Aerobatics. Rating checked. Very well done, Florian, we wish

From Scholarship to Aerobatics2022-09-08T14:33:56+01:00

Enjoy the looping


It was no piece of cake, yet in the end, Andrey did enjoy his loops & rolls! Aerobatic Rating checked - congratulations! "It was definitely a hard training", Andrey said, "but you guys helped me

Enjoy the looping2022-09-08T14:31:21+01:00

Cessna SET Rating checked


Inas (right on the pic) came from Sweden to Eggenfelden - EDME - for her Cessna SET Rating. Spins & More offers Cessna SET in cooperation with Exit GmbH in Eggenfelden. Congrats to Inas from

Cessna SET Rating checked2022-07-08T08:42:35+01:00

Aerobatics Rating checked


12 lessons and the check-ride. This was the mission of Markus and he did just that. Congratulations on the aerobatics rating! Markus will keep on flying the Super Decathlon, yet his next aim is not

Aerobatics Rating checked2022-06-29T15:29:51+01:00

Summer Training at LKHS Airfield


In July 2022 we will organize 2 aerobatic training camps at Hosin Airfield, close to Budweis in the Czech Republic. LKHS is a great training area for aerobatics since we are allowed to fly over

Summer Training at LKHS Airfield2022-05-30T09:00:40+01:00

Aerobatics at Hosin


Join us for some loops, hammerheads, and rolls at Hosin Airfield in the Czech Republic. In June we will be at LKHS from June 21 - to June 25. We invited our CIVA Coach Steff

Aerobatics at Hosin2022-05-30T08:55:44+01:00

Acro Camp with Coach


Get some detailed feedback for your aerobatics flights! We offer you a special training camp with aerobatics coach Steff Hau (CIVA judge) at Hosin, CZ. There you will receive individually designed programs and feedback for

Acro Camp with Coach2022-04-03T11:51:03+01:00

Aerobatics Rating checked


He likes to fly and he did the Aerobatics Rating with a lot of enthusiasm. So after 12 lessons including the Checkride Matthias can call himself an "aerobatics pilot" now. Congratulations and always happy landings!

Aerobatics Rating checked2022-04-03T11:47:18+01:00

Emergency Rules – the core


There are many pieces of information in every POH about emergency rules. But what if it happens in real life? Are you tough enough to keep calm and do the right thing? We offer a

Emergency Rules – the core2022-04-03T11:58:43+01:00

First “WOW”, then “FUN”


"When you first experience an Upset Situation, you are quite shocked", stated Daniel after his Advanced UPRT Training. "But the second lesson is easier, cause you are able to react accordingly", said the pilot from

First “WOW”, then “FUN”2022-03-27T11:09:22+01:00