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Let’s go back to Hosin!


Finally, we will start our flight training at LKHS Airfield again. From July 20 - 24 we will be in CZ for aerobatics and UPRT Training. In case you are interested, please send us an

Let’s go back to Hosin!2021-07-06T14:32:13+01:00

We will go “East”


Spins & More starts the traveling season 2021 and is happy to visit St. Georgen, Ybbsfeld, again from June 28 - July 3rd. In case you want to join us for some UPRT Lessons or

We will go “East”2021-05-28T08:19:34+01:00

First UPRT, then the USA


There was a sharp deadline, yet Ismail finished his UPRT Advanced Training on time. Now the young pilot is on his was to the US for his jet rating. Good luck & Happy Landings!

First UPRT, then the USA2021-05-28T08:10:09+01:00

Back to the roots


Spins & More started in 2009 at Vilshofen Airfield. And in May 2021 (4 - 8) we will also do aerobatics and UPRT training at EDMV. We have 5 aerobatic boxes to use. For easy

Back to the roots2021-04-14T15:14:40+01:00

Aerobatics Rating checked


Being a scholarship student of Spins & More, Manfred liked the UPRT-Training on our Super Decathlon so much, that he decided to do the whole thing. Thus he just finished his aerobatics rating. Great job!

Aerobatics Rating checked2021-04-12T13:54:06+01:00

UPRT is just the Start


Tough times for young pilots. Yet Johannes did a super job in finishing his UPRT Advanced and liked the training so much, that he is already thinking about Aerobatics;)

UPRT is just the Start2021-04-12T13:50:49+01:00



The motivation was great, weather only sometimes great. Yet Nikos did it and finished the UPRT Advanced Training with Spins & More. Congrats & always happy landings!

UPRT ADVANCED – yes!2021-04-12T13:57:53+01:00

Let it snow


We are always ready for you. Even in March, when instead of blue skies some snowflakes turn up. The sunshine waits behind the clouds and we start aerobatics training.

Let it snow2021-03-18T10:23:24+01:00

Loop de Loop in Bavaria


Spins & More returns to Vilshofen in Bavaria for some basic aerobatics and UPRT Training. Join us for flights on the Super Decathlon or the Extra 330 LX. We also offer thrillrides and joyrides, so

Loop de Loop in Bavaria2021-03-11T17:54:46+01:00

Aerobatics in Salzburg


We will do some Loopings, Half-Cuban-Eights and inverted Flight in our aerobatic box "Kobernaußerwald" soon. Join us for the spring aerobatics training in LOWS from April 15 - 17, 2021. For more infos please send

Aerobatics in Salzburg2021-03-11T17:46:41+01:00
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