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Double feature in October


Who wants to fly a lot? Then October is the right month for you. Spins & More offers 2 Acro Camps: we will start at Hosin Airfield (LKHS) in Czech Republic from October 1  -

Double feature in October2019-08-21T10:29:22+01:00

September is fine for Acro


Our Fall-Aerobatics-Camp takes place at Hosin Airfield (LKHS)  from September 10 - 14, 2019. We will train you for Upset Recovery Maneuvers and Aerobatics on our Super Decathlon and/or Extra 330 LX. Joyrides and Thrill

September is fine for Acro2019-07-29T09:16:29+01:00

“BAN” gets his CPL


It started as a hobby, and now see what Norbert Baueregger made out of his fun for flying! He just passed the CPL. Respect and always happy landings, dear BAN!

“BAN” gets his CPL2019-07-23T15:58:52+01:00

Extra 330 LX “checked”


Tatjana Schrefl sets takeoff power. She switched from the Super Decathlon to our Extra 330 LX - and likes it! "I would have never believed how much fun it is to fly this aircraft", she

Extra 330 LX “checked”2019-07-23T15:20:42+01:00

Cruising to the North Cape


Dominik Struber belongs to a group of Salzburg based pilots, who decided to try a nice trip North. After 4 days of cool flying all pilots reached the North Cape. Our DA 40 is equipped

Cruising to the North Cape2019-05-31T16:30:47+01:00

Cessna SET Rating checked


Andreas Kleuser (left on our picture) not only loves aerobatics with our Super Decathlon, he also just passed the CESSNA SET Rating on a Cessna Soloy 206. Spins & More offers these ratings in cooperation with

Cessna SET Rating checked2019-05-10T13:39:03+01:00

CRI test passed


Moni Noll not only checked her PC 12 rating successfully (Pinto did not fly with Moni at this time), she also is the first CRI with Spins & More. The newly gained title "Class Rating

CRI test passed2019-07-23T15:31:01+01:00

Third Acro Rating in 2019


Christian Schwarz was the third student pilot in 2019 from Spins & More to finish the Aerobatics Rating. After his solo  Checkride he received the applause of Aerobatics-Flight Instructor Stefan Greiler. What a blast!  

Third Acro Rating in 20192019-03-25T16:27:42+01:00

First Acro Rating in 2019


Well done, Marco Schöffel! After some Super Dec Flights at Vilshofen, EDMV, he finished his Aerobatics Rating at Hosin Airfield on March 1st. Congratulations from Aerobatics Flight Instructor Stefan Greiler (right) and the Spins &

First Acro Rating in 20192019-03-03T18:26:04+01:00